Mayor Jilly Gibson, North Sydney

What a stand-out app this is!

Sheer brilliance!

I see this app working in different ways:
Firstly, it will enable small and large maintenance problems to be quickly fixed
It will also provide and accurate database for tracking repairs
It will provide council staff with valuable information on our efficiency and speed
Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this app is that it will allow residents and visitors to be involved
It will help create a sense of community by participation in local affairs
It will also help instill as sense of pride in our local area
It will empower our residents to be proactive in keeping North Sydney in an ideal state

Daryn Vanstone, CIVICA

As a company dedicated to assisting local government in working with their citizens to achieve better outcomes through the use of innovative technology solutions, we’re delighted to put our weight behind Callum and his Please Fix app.

It is exciting to see young people getting involved in improving communities and delivering innovative ideas to assist in the digital transformation of local government services.

NSW iAwards 2017

Senior Student Winner

National IAWARDS 2017

Senior Student Finalist